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Our Passion for Agriculture and Mayani's Impact on Farmers

Supporting Small-Scale Farmers in the Philippines

Small-scale farming is a way of life for many Filipinos. These farmers work tirelessly to produce high-quality crops despite the challenges they face, including unpredictable weather patterns, a lack of resources, and limited access to markets. However, with the help of Mayani, these farmers have found a way to improve their livelihoods and sell their produce directly to consumers.

Mayani is an agri-tech business that connects small-scale farmers to consumers through its business to business partners and online platform. By eliminating the middlemen, Mayani is able to provide farmers with a fair price for their crops while also offering consumers fresh, locally grown produce. This not only benefits farmers, but it also promotes the consumption of healthier food choices and supports the local economy.

Mayani Angelo with local farmers

As a Farmer Engagement Officer at Mayani, Angelo Villafania plays a crucial role in connecting farmers to its partnerships and online platform. He visits different communities to identify potential farmer partners and assess their needs.

He also works closely with existing farmer partners to provide them with training and support to improve their harvests. Through his work, Angelo helps ensure that Mayani's farmers are able to grow high-quality produce that meets the needs of consumers.

mayani with local farmer produce

When asked Angelo what motivates him to work at Mayani, he shared, "Basta nakikita kong nag-po-progress ang harvest at laging nabibilhan ni Mayani ng regular, tuwang tuwa ako roon."

This statement highlights the importance of Mayani's work in supporting farmers and providing them with a reliable source of income.

One of the challenges that small-scale farmers face is finding a reliable market for their crops. With Mayani, farmers can have a consistent buyer for their produce. This means that farmers can focus on growing high-quality crops, knowing that there is a market